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Payments and Internet Banking

Altyn Bank provides a wide range of services to manage payments and cash flow of our clients. Our clients can access their accounts, make payments, and send messages and supporting documents through the electronic banking system Altyn Online.

Altyn Online platform is the proven platform of modern electronic banking services with friendly interface and the ability to manage funds online.

Payments and cash liquidity management

Altyn Bank offers its corporate clients a variety of solutions for payments and cash liquidity management.

We help you to effectively manage the company's cash flow and make local and international payments quickly and easily. Correspondent relations with the largest global banks will enable you to process your transactions in most world currencies.

You will be able to access your accounts, make payments, open deposits, and send authorized electronic messages and supporting documents to Altyn Bank via the internet banking Altyn Online.

The team of Altyn Bank professionals will render necessary support and ensure a high quality of service.

The Altyn Online internet banking system

The Altyn Online internet banking system will help you manage your accounts and carry out online transactions.

Altyn Online services

  • receipt of electronic payment orders for local transfer in national currency;
  • receipt of electronic payment orders for international transfer in foreign currency;
  • receipt of electronic applications for conversion (buying/selling/converting) of foreign currency;
  • providing the Customer an electronic form of a statement ( bank (account) statement, preliminary bank (account) statement for the current day);
  • receipt of documents for currency control (contracts, invoices, agreements, bills, collateral contracts, etc.) from the participants of export-import currency control activities, with the exception of the applications on assignment of contract registration number;
  • exchange of letters (correspondence, requests, notices, orders on cancelation/ suspension of instructions etc.);
  • receipt of applications for opening/closure of a savings account, deposit placement/ withdrawal   and other operations according to Bank deposit agreement;
  • receipt of applications for opening/ closure of Customer’s additional current accounts and other operations according to Bank account agreement;
  • receipt of applications for issuing / reissuing of corporate payment cards, setting / changing  limits and restrictions, card blocking, closure of the corporate payment card and current account for card transactions, reviewing a dispute transaction.
  • receipt of other documents, agreed with the Bank.

Benefits of Altyn Online

  • Monitoring of real-time changes in your payments’ statuses.
  • Exchange of information (bills, statements, exchange rates, etc.) between the Bank and your accounting software (1C: Enterprise / SAP).
  • Auto-filling up the details of payments out of the internal (employees, contractors, etc.) and external (foreign banks, etc.) directories.
  • Archiving payments over a long period.
  • Fast exchange of information letters attached with supporting documents with the Bank.
  • Convenient and flexible screening algorithms that will prompt errors in filling up details at the time of payment preparation.

Connect to Altyn Online with the following easy steps:

  • Apply for the accession to Internet Banking Servicing Agreement
  • Determine the persons authorized to operate the system and the settings
  • Prepare a workstation for the program operations

To log on into Altyn Online:

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