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Choosing property, you think of the future. The same approach is true for a loan. Comfort endures no compromise! You would appreciate the mortgage loan from Altyn Bank for being cozy.

Loan conditions:

Currency: KZT

Loan amount:  KZT 3,000,000 - KZT 100,000,000, but not more than 47 months' salary of the Applicant.

Initial payment: from 40% of the value of the property to be acquired.

Loan term: 36 – 239 months

Loan security: property in Almaty, Astana, Atyrau, Aktau (there are requirements for the type of building).

Pledge insurance: by the Bank*

Life or accident insurance: not required

Repayment scheme:

1. Annuity payments

2. Principal payment in equal installments.

Interest rate (fixed) and fees:

 Focused Customers Group

 Interest rate

 Annual effective rate


 Loan organization fee

 Loan application fee

Clients who receive salaries through Altyn Bank


from 15,2%


10 000 KZT

Clients who do not receive salaries through Altyn Bank


from 15,8%


10 000 KZT

Documents required for the loan application:

  • ID document.
  • Statement of residence.
  • Proof of salary and (or) other income in the past 12 months.
  • Information about the position in the company.
  • Extract from an individual pension account over the last 12 months.
  • Marriage / divorce certificate and children's birth certificates.
  • Notarized proof of spouse's consent to pledge of property.
  • Certificate of property valuation issued by an independent appraiser.
  • Title document confirming the ownership of the collateralized property.
  • Proof of any recurrent costs (taxes, other loans, insurance, etc.).
  • Copies of title documents.
  • A completed application-questionnaire.

Note: The Bank may request additional documents for review.

* Property insurance will be at the expense of the Bank with effect from 1 September 2011. Insurance agreement is valid during 12 months further prolongations should be done by customer.

Please call us at +7 (727) 356 64 40 or send us email to the address and we will be happy to answer all your loan-related questions. We are available at the abovementioned telephone number from 9am to 6pm during working days.

This is not a public offer, the final decision on lending will made after processing of your application.