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It is nice to know that your property is not only a safe haven, a fortress, a family hotbed... In some cases, it has an extraordinary dynamism, advancing your dream and allowing gain the desired with the most favorable credit terms.

Loan conditions:

Loan amount: KZT 3,000,000 - KZT 30,000,000, but not more than 50% of the value of real estate provided as collateral.

Loan term:

From 36 months up to 120 months for repairs, the purchase of land and construction;
From 36 months to 84 months for other purposes.

Interest rate (fixed) and fees:

Focused Customers Group

Interest rate

Annual effective rate


Loan organization fee

Loan application fee

Clients who receive salaries through Altyn Bank

10 000 KZT

Clients who do not receive salaries through Altyn Bank



10 000 KZT


Loan security: property in Almaty, Astana, Atyrau, Aktau (there are requirements for the type of building).

Repayment scheme:

  • Annuity payments
  • Principal payment in equal installments.

Documents required for the loan application:

  • ID document.
  • Statement of residence
  • Proof of salary and (or) other income in the past 12 months.
  • Information about the position in the company.
  • Extract from an individual pension account (last 12 months).
  • Marriage / divorce certificate and children's birth certificates.
  • Notarized proof of spouse's consent to pledge of property.
  • Certificate of property valuation issued by an independent appraiser
  • Title document confirming the ownership of the collateralized property.
  • Proof of any recurrent costs (taxes, other loans, insurance, etc.).
  • Copies of title documents.
  • A completed application - questionnaire.

Note: The Bank may request additional documents.

Please call us at +7 (727) 356 64 40 or send us email to the address and we will be happy to answer all your loan-related questions. We are available at the abovementioned telephone number from 9am to 6pm during working days.

This is not a public offer, the final decision on lending will made after processing of your application.