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Mission of the Group

Mission of Halyk Group is to provide services in all segments of financial market (banking, insurance, pension, securities, leasing) in Kazakhstan and a number of other countries at the international standards, thus ensuring retention, efficient allocation and growth of funds of clients and shareholders.

Values of the Group

  • Client-orientation: The Group understands the needs of its clients and commits to use all its resources for offering clients the most efficient solutions to help them achieve and even exceed their goals.
  • Reliability: The Group shall rigorously comply with the general principles and norms of international law, legislation of Kazakhstan, and legislation of other countries where the Group operates, internal provisions and regulations of the Group. The Group shall tend to international standards of corporate governance and shall follow the policy of maximum openness and transparency for its shareholders, clients, business partners, government authorities, employees. Reliability is the key factor for saving the most valuable asset – business reputation of the Group.
  • Leadership: The Group shall strive to leading positions in serving all groups of clients in all market segments. Managers at all company levels shall be the example in demonstrating sincere attitude towards business, enthusiasm and energy. Managers shall set directions, encourage innovation, and inspire the organization for fulfilling the Mission of the Group.
  • Social responsibility: Focus on needs and interests of all strata of population shall be one of the major principles in the Group’s activities. The Group shall strive to actively contribute into the development of society and resolution of social issues, and be the responsible corporate citizen.
  • Integrity: The Group shall strive to impeccably honest business operations in all areas, always and everywhere. The Group shall adhere to principles of transparency in internal processes, building mutually respectful and trustworthy relationships with clients, maintaining honest attitude towards business from employees, compliance with the corporate ethics.
  • Professionalism: The Group shall strive to the highest professional standards, shall be open to innovation and new ideas. The main goal is to honestly, timely and professionally carry out client service, which shall ensure strong and long-lasting relationships with clients.