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Bank guarantees and standby letters of credit are used by importers and exporters to secure a wide variety of contractual obligations, including the obligation to pay and return the advance payment, trade obligations of the parties and others. We offer various types of guarantees and standby letters of credit which will highlight your competitive advantage.

Altyn Bank offers guarantees and standby L/C/s that will help you:

  • manage your current business and at the same time ensure performance of your obligations under the new contracts without diverting funds from the turnover;
  • provide your partners with the opportunity to grow your business through improved cash flows;
  • enjoy all the benefits of different bank guarantees and standby letters of credit.

Our trade finance experts will pick for you the appropriate type of guarantee or standby letter of credit, as well as terms and conditions of products in order to minimize your risks.

 Tariffs for legal entities effective from 01/08/2019