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The Altyn Online internet banking system
The Altyn Online internet banking system will help you manage your accounts and carry out online transactions.
Altyn Online services

  • receipt of electronic payment orders for local transfer in national currency;
  • receipt of electronic payment orders for international transfer in foreign currency;
  • receipt of electronic applications for conversion (buying/selling/converting) of foreign currency;
  • providing the Customer an electronic form of a statement (bank (account) statement, preliminary bank (account) statement for the current day);
  • receipt of documents for currency control (contracts, invoices, agreements, bills, collateral contracts, etc.) from the participants of export-import currency control activities, with the exception of the applications on assignment of contract registration number;
  • exchange of letters (correspondence, requests, notices, orders on cancelation/ suspension of instructions etc.);
  • receipt of applications for opening/closure of a savings account, deposit placement/ withdrawal and other operations according to Bank deposit agreement;
  • receipt of applications for opening/ closure of Customer’s additional current accounts and other operations according to Bank account agreement;
  • receipt of applications for issuing / reissuing of corporate payment cards, setting / changing limits and restrictions, card blocking, closure of the corporate payment card and current account for card transactions, reviewing a dispute transaction.
  • receipt of other documents, agreed with the Bank.

Benefits of Altyn Online

  • Monitoring of real-time changes in your payments’ statuses.
  • Exchange of information (bills, statements, exchange rates, etc.) between the Bank and your accounting software (1 °C: Enterprise / SAP).
  • Auto-filling up the details of payments out of the internal (employees, contractors, etc.) and external (foreign banks, etc.) directories.
  • Archiving payments over a long period.
  • Fast exchange of information letters attached with supporting documents with the Bank.
  • Convenient and flexible screening algorithms that will prompt errors in filling up details at the time of payment preparation.

Connect to Altyn Online with the following easy steps:

  • Apply for the accession to Internet Banking Servicing Agreement
  • Determine the persons authorized to operate the system and the settings
  • Prepare a workstation for the program operations

To log on into Altyn Online:
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