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Due to the international sales you get access to a wide choice of opportunities, but the consequences can be unpredictable, especially in unfamiliar markets. Using export letters of credit as a tool of payment to your clients you get the advantage of an additional control, payment guarantees from Altyn Bank and transparency of your operations.

With export documentary credits you will:

  • be confident of payment for goods before shipment;
  • have access to cheaper funds immediately after the shipment of goods, regardless of whether you are providing trade credit to your counterparty or not;
  • obtain revenues without delay, while minimizing the risk of failure to pay under letter of credit by issuing bank.

We are pleased to offer you the following services:

  • Export documentary credit advising  - we will promptly notify you of receipt of export credit in your favor and provide a hard or electronic copy;
  • Verification and financing of documents - we will be happy to credit the export revenues to your account immediately after receiving confirmation from the issuing bank that your counterparty has accepted the documents;
  • Since settlements with letters of credit are regulated by international rules and local legislation, letters of credit safeguard both the buyer and the seller in the international trade.
  • With confirmation of export L/Cs by Altyn Bank you, as an exporter, get an additional guarantee of payment for the delivered goods.