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Cash deposit though payment terminals of Halyk Bank — available, beneficial and convenient!

Dear Clients!

We are happy to inform You that the service of cash deposit for AltynBank payment cards is available via payment terminals of Halyk Bank.

Payment terminal is a remote self-service machine that provides fast and convenient way to perform payments using cash in national currency of Kazakhstan — tenge.

Benefits of payment terminals for Altyn Bank card deposit:

  • Wide network of payment acceptance all over Kazakhstan;
  • Online deposit;
  • You do not need to have a payment card with you IIN of card owner and 16-digit card number is all that is required.

Tariffs information is available at

Limits for Altyn Bank card deposit:

  • Minimum amount — 200 KZT;
  • Maximum amount — 500 000 KZT;
  • Daily limit for deposit of one payment card is 500 000 KZT.

Other available transactions**:

  • Payment for utilities, cable TV, mobile connection;
  • Payment into the budget:
  • Tax payments (transport, land, property);
  • Administrative penalties (traffic police penalties);
  • State fee.

**For the service there is a fee according to Halyk Bank tariffs

**Fee can differ in accordance with contracts concluded with business supplier and Halyk Bank tariffs.

Check carefully all the data and credentials you enter!

Payment terminal does not give change, does not accept coins!

Keep the receipt confirming payment status.

Information about location of Halyk Bank payment terminals you can easily find by clicking here:

In case of questioned transaction please contact branch of Halyk Bank and (or) Altyn Bank depending on location of payment terminal of Halyk Bank.