Contact Center: +7 (727) 259 69 00
+7 (727) 330 57 77

Dear customers, please take the following simple safety precautions to avoid possible trouble:

1. Immediately after receipt of a new plastic card, put your signature on the strip on the back of the card.

2. Do not divulge or say to third parties, including employees of the bank, the following information:

  • PIN-code
  • CVC code (3-digit code on the back of a card)
  • Internet Banking Password

3. Do not write the above data on a piece of paper. If you still do this, put this piece in an inaccessible place.

4. Do not respond to e-mails with requests for your personal information.

5. Do not use banner links or links contained in the email to go to the Internet Banking website. It is advisable to enter the web address and add it to your browser's bookmarks.

6. In order to prevent fraud, it should be remembered that the Bank never and in no circumstances shall forward emails requesting login, password, going to the link, and does not email any programs and their updates. Responsibility for the storage of personal data and confidential passwords is with the user.

7. Daily review electronic documents missed and received by the Bank and immediately inform the Bank of any unauthorized money credit (debit/transfer).

8. When dial PIN-code, make sure that the input numbers are not visible to other people. Try to cover the numeric keypad with your hand or any object (a wallet by a hand).

9. Immediately notify the Bank if you change address of residence, place of work, phone number, and so on.

10. In case of card loss / theft:

  • immediately freeze the card by calling the Contact Center: 8 (727) 259 69 00 or 8 (727) 258 25 25;
  • approach any branch of Altyn Bank for the card re-issuance.