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Is Altyn Bank a member of the compulsory deposit insurance system?  

Altyn Bank is a member of the compulsory deposit insurance system, and Altyn Bank’s deposits are covered by the compulsory deposit insurance. 

What is the amount of compensation in the event of a forced liquidation of the bank - a member of compulsory collective deposit guarantee fund?

The amount of guaranteed deposit with no interest accrued thereon, but no more than equivalent of 10 (ten) million tenge by deposits in national currency and not more than 5 (five) million tenge for deposits in foreign currency. Subject to the depositor opening more than one deposit of different type and in various currencies, the Fund shall refund overall deposits, but the amount of refunding shall be no more than the equivalent of 10 (ten) million tenge. 

What documents are required to open a deposit account to an individual?

Original of the identity document; to open a deposit account by agent - the original and a notarized copy of power of attorney for opening and / or dispose of the account;

to open savings account in the name of a minor depositor - the depositor’s birth certificate, passport, notarized consent from the parents, proof of parent / legal guardian.

What is capitalization?

Adding of interest accrued on deposit in the current period to principal amount of deposit. The further interest is accrued on the total amount of deposit and interest accrued before.

Can I get my deposit in another branch of Altyn Bank?

You can make partial withdrawal in any branch of Altyn Bank, subject to terms of the deposit. However to close your savings account you have to visit the branch in which you opened the deposit.

Are the interest rates on deposits in any of Altyn Bank branches the same?


Can I earn interest on a monthly basis?

You can get the accrued interest at the end of the deposit.

What fee is charged by the Bank for early withdrawal?

In case of early withdrawal of the deposit amount, a fee is charged, but the accrued interest is not paid. 

In which case is the bank deposit rolled over (renewed) automatically?

If it is agreed in the bank deposit agreement, and if the deposit and interest have not been demanded by the depositor (or his representative(s)), within three banking days after deposit term expires.

Who can withdraw a deposit after death of the depositor?

Heirs of the depositor upon presentation of a certificate of inheritance.

What if the depositor or his successor cannot provide the bank deposit agreement?

Contact the branch to apply for a loss of a bank deposit agreement.

Is it possible to renew the deposit for another person on the same terms?

We do not renew deposits for another person.