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Golden Crown - Money transfer is an instant retail money transfer service with over 49 thousand outlets across Russia, the CIS and beyond.

Today, over 550 banks are members of the service. Due to cooperation with retail chains (Svyaznoy, Euroset, MTS, Beeline, etc.), Golden Crown — Money Transfers offers its customers the sending infrastructure «within walking distance».

Golden Crown — Money Transfers is:

  • Swiftness — money transfers can be received seconds after sending.
  • Convenience — you only need to specify the country and the city of destination, the beneficiary can select a suitable outlet to receive the transfer.
  • Control - the status of the transfer can be checked online 24/7 on the website of Golden Crown — Money Transfers.
  • Independence — you can send money transfers via bank self-service machines or at outlets of retail business establishments, at any day without days off or holidays!
  • Availability — one of the lowest fees for transfers across Russia and the CIS. The transfer currency can be rubles, dollars, euros, or national currencies*.

Special 0% rate for transfers in foreign currency

  • Applicable on the condition of conversion of foreign currency at the rate of Golden Crown as of the time of sending.
  • If the transfer is registered at a Russian bank, the sender selects the currency to receive by the beneficiary (rubles, dollars, euros, or one of the national currencies *), pays for the transfer in rubles, and at the conversion of currency at the Service rate the fee will be 0%.

Rates of Golden Crown money transfers

How to send a transfer:
In order to send a transfer you will need your personal identification document and money. You will also need to give the full name, the country and city of residence of the beneficiary. The exact address is not required, you should only give the name of the city. The beneficiary can select the outlet and the currency to cash the transfer.

In order to receive a transfer you need to:

  • Have your personal identification document;
  • Give the transfer number to the Bank teller;
  • Name the transfer amount and the currency in which you wish to cash the transfer.

Transfers of Golden Crown — Money Transfers can be received at any suitable outlet of the selected city. Golden Crown transfers are addressless and not connected to any certain outlet. The sender should only name the country and the city of the beneficiary.

Please note:
The maximum amount of one money transfer is 600,000 rubles or a ruble equivalent of 20,000 US dollars/15,000 euros.
The maximum amount of money transfers sent abroad by a resident of the Russian Federation within one day is a ruble equivalent of 5,000 US dollars.
The ruble equivalent is calculated at the CBR rate at the acceptance of the transfer.

Read more about Golden Crown — Money Transfers at or call our support service +7 (495) 96-00-555 (calls are charged according to the policy of your service provider).

*For available currencies for the required country, please inquire from the bank teller when registering the transfer.

The operator of Golden Crown — Money Transfers payment system is Payment Center NSCA (LLC), reg. number 0012 of December 20, 2012. See the full list of organizations that provide the money transfer service within the framework of Golden Crown — Money Transfers on the website