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The history of development and existence of the Private Banking Institute dates back to the 18th century. In an attempt to constantly develop and find a balance between its traditions and innovations, this service has turned into a subtly adjusted financial service that takes into account the smallest features of servicing of exclusive clients.

By expressing its gratitude to its regular clients, Altyn Bank offers its Private Banking services in the new Status department.

The Status is a place where you feel as a guest at your trusted partner and where you can discuss business matters in comfortable conditions. Its atmosphere includes mutual respect, fine and thought out to the last detail interiors, highly skilled and experienced bank employees.

Client focus is one of Altyn Bank’s main values and therefore we use an individual approach to each client.

Private Banking Servicing is, first of all, a personal financial consultant, a bank employee specially assigned to you and having a main task to quickly resolve your current issues and possible future tasks.

We offer you a wide range of traditional banking, investment and insurance services from Altyn Bank and Halyk Group. We will be glad to help you to resolve other daily tasks and to provide a number of privileges intended only for our clients.

Status is the best choice for those who have a strong sense of their worth and time!